Clearly, You Are A Miracle

Never forget you are magic and you are light!

Welcome! We have fresh tea to share with you from the research team at REACH HQ. It would appear that many of you in these streets have miraculous superpowers or high wizardry. 

1. The team found that about 70% of people living in African cities earn $300 or less every

That is…
GHS 1,785
KSH 32,550
NGN 120,000

2.  Go outside. Count 10 people. About 7 of them earn $300 or less every month

This continent is making so much more sense to us now, isn’t it?

3. Let’s remember that life in an African city is not cheap

Sometimes it seems just stepping outside your door is enough to make money vanish from your pocket. Sometimes it seems the salary disappears as soon as it hits your account.

4. With this small money – $10 per day, you buy food, pay rent, look fresh, find love,

How have we not lost our minds? Now you see why I called it a magical superpower or high wizardry, right? 

5. It is no surprise how our brothers and sisters will do almost anything to seek a better life

Just be nice to everyone you see outside. We are doing a hard thing just getting by daily.

6. Climbing out of the $300 bracket is very hard. About 90% of people in African cities earn under $600 monthly.

Every day you get back to work, dreaming of a better life for yourself and the people you love.

7. Despite these odds and with very little in your pocket, you stay hopeful and optimistic

Almost anyone else would turned to cynicism and bitterness by now.

8. Despite all of this, you celebrate your many achievements with joy and enthusiasm.

No one turns up the way we do. That’s just a scientific fact. When we considered all this together, we arrived at this conclusion:

9. Friend, no one else in the entire world can do what you are doing.

There’s no other group of people facing the obstacles and problems you face, and thriving despite them! 

And so we have a final number for you:

10. One Hundred.

We are 100% proud of what you have achieved.
We are 100% rooting for your continued success.
And we are 100% applauding your resilience, resourcefulness and drive.

You are seen. You are valued. And you are deeply appreciated.

Thank you, friend, for  refusing to give in or give up in the face of unspeakable odds.

Your courage inspires us daily. 

As you enter this new month, Q3 of 2021, we invite you to reflect (in the app) on how things have gone thus far by answering 5 simple questions

PS: You’ll need to open the reflection link on your phone. It only works if you have the app installed, otherwise, it takes you to… 

…our website – to help you reinstall. See you next week!

Please forward this e-mail to anyone who inspires you or lifts a bit of encouragement today. We have also attached our research report for you to read the full tea. 

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