Are You on The Naughty or Nice List?

Only the true lovers of all things Christmas will understand!

Even if harmattan has not REΛCHed Lagos, even if the only Santa Claus(Father Christmas) most of us knew growing up was just Uncle Soji from the next street, even if we don’t have snow, we still and will always love Christmas!!!

Exhibit A:

One of the best memories was how if you passed your exams with 1st to 3rd position, you got to rock the best and baddest Christmas clothes or the bicycle you basically begged for? Now that you’re all grown, who’s rewarding you for being good? How do you even know if you’ve been good? Well, we know just how- The Nice and the Naughty List!

The Naughty List-

If you hear your name, come out!

  1. Those Who Did Not Join the Bad Gangs Of 2017

Please stop forming surprised as if you don’t know how you got here.

2. Those Who Didn’t Avoid These Wahalarious Nigerians

3. Those Who Carried Last for Falamtines Day This Year

Throwing back to when you made all those plans. smh.

The Nice List-

If you hear your name, come and collect your biscuit!

  1. Those Who Followed the 10 Commandments of Spending Money

2. Those Who Knew Exactly How Their Money Disappeared in 2017

3. Those Who Did More With Their Money In 2017

Hope something moved inside you after reading all the great things we planned out in January? Even if you didn’t succeed in everything, understand that you have not failed- you just have to strategize like a boss this time.

We at REΛCH HQ are here to help you plan your every financial move and help you live your best life yet and we’re giddy with excitement for all the wonderful things that we have for you next year so stick with us.

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