Your Vote or Your Love?

Could politics affect your relationships?

With the Nigerian Presidential elections happening next year, especially that it is days after the day of love, politics with a -P and love with an -L are a fire duo right now. Do you think your relationship can withstand any political rift between you two?

Silly as it may seem, politics is a sensitive matter that could potentially divide marriages, romantic relationships and even platonic friendships. There are stories of people who walked out on their dates when the subject of political views came up. There are even more stories of married couples going to therapy to resolve conflict from talk of politics. For the sake of credibility, we’ll not delve into their real stories.

For instance, a few things such as good roads and higher employment rates may matter to you more and your preferred candidate has those goals in agenda so naturally you picked them. But when the topic comes up, you find that your partner is more concerned about healthcare, electricity and minimum wage increase and his/her candidate as it turns out, is not yours. What would you do?

It is even possible that you have a partner who doesn’t have his/her PVC and could care less how the country is run! How would you even tackle this especially if you’re known for being passionate about the affairs of your country?

The whole of Nigeria will be holding her breath on Saturday, the 23rd of February 2023 as you her citizens, cast your votes to determine her fate over the next 4 to 8 years. It matters who you associate with, be it romantically or platonic and it matters what opinions they hold dear.

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