10 Steps to Stand Out Professionally

Are you a Contributor or just a Consumer?

Dear Friend, 

Welcome to another fresh week! Have you ever heard of people that always have a job offer; people that never get fired? These are people that companies fight to attract and keep. These people are seen as key contributors wherever they are, not just consumers.

Being a key contributor is never about qualifications. It is 100% about whether or not you are seen to make a material impact – regardless of your rank or position. Basic career consumers show up all over the organization – from cleaner all the way to CEO. But you can secure your personal professional brand by leaving an indelible mark wherever you find yourself. 

At REACH, we believe that securing your career prospects is a big step toward your financial security. So, let’s see what it takes to stand out and make yourself a linchpin at any organization.

As usual we are guided by the MAGNET framework


Being a contributor is more about you and your professional brand than it is about your boss or your company. When you shift gears into that of a contributor and not just a consumer, you instantly make yourself more valuable to any organization.

Career contributors know there are no small roles. Being diligent and trustworthy is the right work ethic to have because it serve YOU in the long run.

Basic career consumers are just there to do the bare minimum and get paid. They don’t extend or exert themselves. People with that attitude will often struggle to find and grow their careers.

Stand Out At Your Workplace


As a career contributor, you should:

  • Know what your company/department does
  • Know how your company makes money
  • Know how you can contribute to that process and,
  • Ask your supervisor what the company needs at this time.

Assess yourself using the steps from the ultimate employment checklist. Be in the know!

The Ultimate Employment Checklist


If you intend to be a career contributor, complete the workbook on the ultimate employment checklist. Completing these steps should be your goal for the next 4 weeks! 

Turning Your Dreams Into Goals 

Net Worth

Once you have the right work mindset and you are applying the steps in the ultimate employment checklist. This is the right recipe necessary to increase your net worth. Employers are more likely to invest their time and resources in diligent recruits. And don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from asking for a raise when you’ve demonstrated your value.

Fight Your Imposter Syndrome


Whether you are starting a new apprenticeship, internship or volunteering, it will require the discipline of time investment.

Career contributors are intentional about investing their time to learn more about the company culture and how things work. Even if that will mean keeping late hours or sacrificing their leisure time to contribute meaningfully to their organization.

It could also require a monetary expense as this could mean taking unpaid work when you’re just starting your career journey or getting into the entry-level of an industry you intend to switch careers to.

Check out this guide to quick and dirty improvements


Here at REACH HQ, we always recommend 3 ways to track progress toward goals:

  1. Tool: Use the vision board section of the app to visualize your contributions to your organization and how that will have a positive impact on your career journey.
  2. Person: Invite your friends to the vision board and track your progress with each other.
  3. Schedule: Use a career planning journal to help you keep track of how often you show up as a career contributor at your organization. 

    Check out How Visualization Helps You Succeed

         How To Use the Dreams & Vision Board in the App

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