10 Ways to Turn Regrets Into Rocket Fuel

We have complied the best ways to turn regrets into rocket fuel

Hello and Welcome!

It’s so good to talk to you again. Let’s dive right in.

1. Some days you wake up, and instead of a delicious array of dreams, goals, and visions, REGRET is the first thing you face.

It looms larger than life, sucking the energy out of the room.

2. It draws attention to itself, wanting you to be focused on who you WERE instead of who you are in this very moment.

But you are here. You are determined. You are in a new day.

3. It wants you to believe it has power over you, although we both know it is powerless to determine how you will take on this new day.

You are powerful in the choices you make today; you decide what your future is going to be.

4. Today, we’re here to add our voice to drown out all the many lies REGRET has been trying to sell you.

We came with facts and we are ready to fight!

5. Where REGRET says you were lazy, we say, friend, is hardworking.

You made the choice to get a hold of your career and finances. We know this because you downloaded this app.

6. Where REGRET says, you should have been more careful, we say today that friend is diligent and attentive to detail.

In fact, that is why you started managing your expenses. Rather than bemoaning what happened in the past, you are now using it as fuel to inform your choices and drive you into a more beautiful future.

7. Where REGRET wants you focused on how you haven’t followed through on anything in the past, we say: friend is consistent and capable.

We know you now choose to face each day with resilience and determination. 

8. Today, and every day from now on, we eat REGRET for breakfast

We turn the feelings of shame and fear into inspiration and determination.

9. Because by facing it head on and refusing to back down, you strip it of all power and fear. You are in control.

Review your journey and take ownership of it. Celebrate how far you’ve come.

10. Remind yourself just how much you’ve grown, just how much you’ve learned and how impossible it is to get you to give up.

You have come a long way and there is no stopping you. Bawss!

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