How To Make Money With Your Smartphone

Part 1

It’s time to stop seeing your phone as an ordinary communication device and start seeing it as an investment and a tool that can also make you good money if you’re willing.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

This is relatively new but Nigerian businesses are gradually welcoming the idea of having a remote assistant take customer service calls, read and respond to customer emails and contribute to their social media. To set you up, see this list of Nigerian businesses looking for virtual assistants in the link here.

From anywhere.

2. Smartphone Photography

There exists just too few African inspired stock photos and it’s too few to go around all of us small business owners in this country. This could be your niche! Here’s a brief introduction to smartphone photography that will set you up for greatness. Click link.

3. Who Blogging No Dey Help

Brothers and sisters, welcome to the world of guest writers. A guest writer is typically paid for instance, 2 Naira per word or 1k per 500 word article. In fact, depending on the topic, it could be more! To help you search, you can visit blogs or websites, go to the Contact Us Page and ask if they need a writer. The demand is overwhelming, trust us, you’ll get tired.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Raise your hand if this is not the first time that you’re hearing about affiliate marketing and still don’t know what it means!

Basically, it involves you leveraging your social media presence and ability to hype without looking like you’re hyping, to advertise third-party products and services after which you’ll get paid a percentage for purchases made via your account. Luckily for us in Nigeria, businesses like KongaJumiaAmazon and Payporte offer these services plus they’re not as strict as Google AdSense.

5. Just Sell The Phone Because It May Just Be Too Expensive


We’re all about improving your financial life and the possibilities are endless! We’ll start small small sha. Find something helpful? *Share* it with others who need to see it.

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