8 Affordable Ways To Say I Love You This Valentine

Love doesn’t have to put a hole in your pocket.

Are you still recovering from the three months of January syndrome? Do you still want to do something nice for bae this valentine’s? Keep reading and you should find an inexpensive way to say “I Love You” this season.

(this info was obtained from the 4 women and 12 men present at REACH HQ when this article was written).

For Her

1. Breakfast-in-office trays

Someone got this at the office and it was lit. Budget like 20k for a basic package. Check these accounts out to find out more:

2. Netflix and chill

Wink *Wink, Just make sure there’s a raunchy series to watch

3. Indulge Her Sweet-Tooth With A Hamper full of sweets

Girls love presents they can also show off. A basket full of sweet treats will do the trick

4. Give her a home spa-treatment (*wink *wink)

See #4 under “For Him”

For Him

  1. Breakfast-in-office trays

Check #1 under “For Her” above. Sometimes, food thrives where words fail. Period. Budget like 20k.

2. Netflix and Chill

Girl… we don’t have to tell you more.

3. Quirky Gadget

We picked these three ‘cuz they’re portable and all under 20k

4. Give him a home spa-treatment (*wink *wink)

Switch up the mood girl! Turn the lights down, put on some calming music and boom, you two lovebirds have a whole evening of luv to yourselves. You’ll need

So! Indeed, love is a warm embrace that keeps you feeling giddy. But showing it can sometimes be expensive. We hope you take our suggestions to heart and have a truly beautiful love day- one that doesn’t necessarily put a hole in your pocket.

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