Our community cuts across the socioeconomic spectrum. We inspire, entertain, educate, equip and motivate members of our community to take actions that will have significant, immediate and positive impacts on their lives.

How It Works


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Our two newsletters- Moneybrain with JR and Transaction Informatics connects you to wisdom, opportunities, insights and a very resourceful community of talented professionals.


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Set up your expenses and budget tracking. Our proprietary technology helps you manage and track your finances automatically.



Active users get rewarded for being present on the REACH app, tracking and reviewing their retail experiences and providing information that helps others in the community.


Social Media

The resources needed to get your finances in order, climb the corporate ladder and thrive as an entrepreneur are all available when you engage with the REACH community on our social media platforms.



Community Levels

Community levels are our way of rewarding users for performing various activities on the app and looking out for others in our community. The higher your community level, the higher your rewards.

Ways to Connect

The Community Newsletter

The community newsletters connect you to wisdom, opportunities, and a very resourceful community of talented professionals.

The 12 Community Levels

The more you complete activities in the REACH app, the higher your community level which means an increase in the percentage of rewards you’re entitled to.

The Community Council

REACH rewards nine loyal users with the opportunity to sit as members of the community council for one year. 

Discussion Groups

Discussion groups give our users a platform to ask and answer burning questions from other members of our community.

Vendor Reviews & Ratings

Reviewing your retail experiences and rating vendors helps other members of the community make better purchasing decisions.

Social Media

Get ready for a transformation in your personal and professional life when you connect with us on social media.

The REACH Newsletters

Money Brain with JR


Building on the book, MoneyBrain the newsletter is a warm dose of light hearted encouragement written to mimic JR’s tone and style. Our newsletter encourages over 120,000 young African people across the continent. The Money Brain newsletter goes out every other Tuesday at 12:00 PM WAT.

Transaction Informatics Weekly​


Transaction Informatics is the methodical analysis of transaction data and choices to deliver a market playbook that is customized to individuals, measurably in results, and teachable in strategy. Hitting client’s inboxes a few times a month, the newsletter picks one interesting data point from REACH research to share with the business and marketing community.


Social Media


Our Facebook page shares editorials and reels with our Facebook community three times a week.


Our editorials, gentle reminders, community reels and hilarious behind-the-scenes clips keep you educated, motivated and entertained throughout the week.


Need to know more about the work we do? Get snippets of our research insights and curated financial literacy content when you join our business community on LinkedIn.


We share videos and shorts on our YouTube channel that sum up new ideas we bring to our community’s attention weekly. Subscribe to our community newsletters and our Youtube channel to get the full gist.


Our page is home to short, light-hearted tiktoks designed to keep our gen-z and millennial community in-the-know about money and career management using fun trends and audios.


 We host educational webinars on everything related to making you stand out in your career, consider our Discord channel your ticket to network with other members of the REACH community in real time

Why join the REACH Community?


Individuals who join our community are part of a diverse network of like minds who have access to resources that help them manage their career and finances. 

Companies within our network are not left out, they gain access to a diverse range of African consumers which helps them make informed decisions on how to serve them better.