REACH is a community of people dedicated to managing their personal finances and building their careers. We also work with businesses to understand consumers and serve them better.

The REACH of Our Work

What We Do

Informative Content

Because existing financial literacy and career development content can be boring, obscure, or out of touch, we design entertaining, educational content to simplify key lessons and engage a diverse community.

App & Technology

Our technology accurately interprets transaction data from banks and mobile money, helping people unlock the wisdom in their spending data. Those we serve can expand their reach to live better, more hopeful and confident lives.


Expertly designed to tackle the most important career and personal finance topics, our curriculum is engaging, practical, and hands-on. Each course includes coaching opportunities and guided exercises that supercharge confidence and personal development.

Research & Transaction Informatics

Transaction Informatics is the methodical analysis of transaction data and choices to deliver a market playbook that is customized to individuals, measurable in results, and teachable in strategy.


Whenever we convene with purpose, we accelerate transformation and impact in people and organizations. Events at REACH strengthen the links between community members and the businesses that serve them.

Systems & Habits

Building the right systems and habits can be transformative and critical to avoiding pitfalls while capitalizing on opportunities. REACH identifies and teaches habits that tend to lead to better mastery of one’s personal finances and career development.

Our Footprint

We maintain active consumer panels in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya while our network of partners enables us to activate new countries in two weeks or less.

The REACH of our work