Market & Consumer Insights

Timely, powerful, executive intelligence built from actual engagements with your target customers.

Proprietary Data & Insight Algorithms


It starts with the REACH App

Every day, thousands of people use our flagship app, REACH, to track their finances. The people who use our app are part of a vibrant community with a shared goal of mastering their personal finances.


Our Community Generates Big Data

Our community generates over 1 million data points every week. This includes inflows, outflows, responses to surveys, and reviews of products and retailers. 


We Respect and Protect Privacy

We’ve made a promise to our community never to share personally identifiable data with third parties like you. This is a non-negotiable policy that makes our community trust us and makes you trust our market insights.


Ask, Listen and Learn from Our Community

Most stories are incomplete without the human touch. You can engage your target audiences directly via our polls, surveys, focus groups and market research workshops.


Build Your Market Playbook

By aggregating insights across transaction data analytics, surveys, focus groups, in-home and shopper observations, we create your Market Playbook; a step-by-step guide for your business’ customer journey, from first discovery to creating repeat customers.

About Our Community & Data Panels

Over 120,000 people


With 23% aged 20 to 25 and 24% aged 26 to 30, our panels reflect the core of Africa’s transacting population. People under 20 comprise roughly 20%. The 31 to 40 bracket takes 25% while the rest are aged 41 or older. By gender, 30% are women – also reflective of market realities.



The REACH Community spans over 16 countries, but Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana are home to our most active panels. We maintain passive panels in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Bénin, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, France, the UK and the US.

Across the Economic Spectrum


Our community mirrors Africa’s income demographics. About 68% earn less than $300 monthly, putting them in the Bottom of the Pyramid. The Low to Upper Middle Income bracket accounts for 30% while Africa’s High Income bracket, those earning over $3,000 monthly, compose 2% of our community.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Campaign Effectiveness

The Coca-Cola Company, West Africa

Relaunching Schweppes, a trusted brand is no small task. Helped the launch team to track sentiment transition around brand image and message effectiveness.

Conjoint Analysis

Utterly Yum, NIGERIA

After analyzing nearly one million restaurant transactions, this client found the sweet-spot for their juices and the retail outlets for their target audience.

Market Entry

SimpliFine, KENYA

Market sizing and consumer mapping.

New Product Development

Nestlé, West Africa

From needs assessment surveys to Design Pillars to testing dairy and confectionery product prototypes with the target audience, this project cut across Nestle teams in Nigeria, Ghana, Italy and Switzerland.

The REACH of our work