Mobile App & Technology

Superior transaction insights can change lives. The REACH app uses a proprietary algorithm that accurately tags and categorizes every debit or credit transaction. These transactions cover everything, including ATM withdrawals, transactions at retailers, P2P transfers, and inflows from employers. The app also helps with budgets and expenses, vision boards, as well as online tools.

Personal Finance Tools

Designed with You in mind.

Budgets Made for Your Life

Track Your Expenses for a simple and clear breakdown of where your money goes each week.

Sync & Track Automatically

Thanks to the thousands of users on our platform, we’re able to estimate a typical budget from which we calculate what you have free to spend each week.

Review Your Top Retailers & Vendors

You are a loyal customer. Retailers should appreciate that about you. Write reviews and share your thoughts about your shopping experience.

Share & Learn from Your Product Experience

Establish yourself as an expert when you qualify for surveys. Besides reviews, surveys are another great way to earn points and share your opinions about the products you buy.

Courses & Workshops

Want to supercharge your money and career goals? Choose from an array of Money Brain courses and workshops.

Project Vision Boards

Have a vision, plan for it, set a budget, go for it. This is where your dreams and plans come alive.