Category & Market Reports

We have the rare privilege of providing insight, knowledge and guidance to consumer-focused companies; insights built on the most powerful, accurate market data on the planet – actual transactions.

Our Flagship Reports & Studies

Urban Wallets

This series compares the top spending categories in major markets across Africa, ranked by transaction frequency. High transaction turnover is often an indicator of which categories shape daily life; are most top of mind; and offer the most opportunity for consumer engagement.

The Consumer Spending Index

Where and When does your category fit in people’s lives? What is the seasonality of consumer spending and how might we leverage the wisdom of big data to help us plan our product launch, business development, marketing strategy and implementation? Each year, The REACH Consumer Spending Index uses four data heuristics to answer these questions for 19 consumer spending categories.

The Generations Report

In this report, we explore how various generations in the marketplace interact with themselves, other people, and the brands that serve them. How does each generation define social, monetary, and professional currency i.e. how they spend their money; how they build and leverage their social networks; and how they view work and professional development?

Income Demographics & Social Mobility

What are the various rungs of Africa’s economic ladder and how are people feeling about their prospects of making it to the top rungs of the income bracket? How do current income disparities manifest in people’s minds as they go about working their way to the top in a variety of life aspects – economic, professional, and even romantic?

Gender & Income Disparity as Violence Against Women

In this report, we identify three precarious points along an African woman’s journey when her economic prospects can be – and often are – materially and irrevocably damaged. These pivotal points are easy to miss – especially when commingled with unexamined societal expectations and practical business justifications. And while one might argue that these pivotal moments occur without malice or premeditation, their impact is unequivocal; they prohibit African women from making the economic advancements that position them for future opportunities and ultimately, security.

Research Catalog: Coverage and Interest Areas

Apps and Streaming Entertainment

How are people interacting with their phones? What are their go-to apps? How do the various social media platforms rank among consumers? What are the emerging social media apps?

Beauty & Social Media - Hair, Makeup & Fashion

What does it take to master your personal finances and become a person that comfortably understands.

Consumer Banking Services

What banks are people using and what do they want from those who provide them financial services? What do they think about the banks they use? Which is the most loved and least loved bank? Besides typical banks, who else is in this space and what service or product gap are they filling?

Body Image & Social Media - Health, Fitness & Wellness

Understanding money can be a scary process. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be intimidated.We explore how social media highlights and shapes our perception of the ideal body – for both men and women. How does this affect, inform, drive, or mar our general wellbeing and health – mental and physical?

Consumer Credit Services

A wave of first-time borrowers are entering the market, as are the companies pursuing them. How do these borrowers experience credit, what drives their borrowing, and how is the industry shaping up now and in the future?

Feminine Hygiene, Health & Personal Care

What technologies and brands are women trusting with their monthlies and other feminine needs? What brands really have their ears to the ground – serving women the way women want to be served in this category? What gaps are currently left unfilled? What are the blindspots and opportunities that brands should not sleep on?

Destinations & Getaways

What is motivating international travel? Where do people want to go on vacation – locally and internationally? How frequently are people actually traveling – locally and internationally? What is the scene for in-country vacations and getaways?

Fresh Foods Shopping - Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Do people buy in bulk, in season, daily? How do they decide what’s fresh and good to buy? What do they look for when buying?

Gadgets We Love

What gadgets and technologies are capturing our imaginations? What phones, tablets, laptops, home electronics and other devices are we looking forward to? How do people rank their gadgets? What takes priority?

FMCG & Grocery Retail - Breads, Meats & Dairy

Retail can be a catch-all for everything from food to lawn mowers. We want to know where and what they’re buying. Where do they buy – open air markets, neighborhood stores, large retail chains? What do they buy – food, houseware, cleaning supplies, toiletries – to what market section or aisles of the grocery store are they going?

Gaming Culture

On what platforms are people playing? What games are people playing? Where does sports betting fit in this culture – if at all? How much of their time and money do they dedicate to “the game”?

Leisure & Out-of-Home Entertainment

Bars, cinemas, clubs, parks, parties, concerts, lounges. How do people enjoy their free time outside the home? How much are they spending? When they go out, what are they hoping for – entertainment, distraction, fun, serendipitous love?

How are young men and women arming themselves for life’s various occasions? What goals do they have in how they want to be seen? What styles and brands are making that possible for them? What – if anything – can these questions tell us about upcoming fashion trends? What do they seek to achieve with their clothing choices?

It Takes a Village: Black Tax & Social Mobility

What is the lived experience of Black Tax and in what ways does this experience drive or hinder social mobility? Who is shouldering the burdens? How do families divide responsibilities? Do more women really end up taking care of their aging parents than men? Is it still happening that older siblings and cousins often need to train the younger ones? What do these things now look like in today’s society?

Male Grooming & Personal Care

What is the definition of the well-groomed man and how is this evolving across regions, age brackets, and income groups? 

Mixers & Chasers -
Non-Alcoholic Beverages

What is the taste profile of today’s consumer and how is that affected by health concerns? What are they drinking – bottled water, juices, carbonated soft drinks, coffee, tea? What traditional drinks are they drinking – kunu, zobo, aya? What do they consider when choosing what non-alcoholic drinks to buy

Mixers & Chasers -
Spirits, Beers & Ciders

What alcoholic beverages do people like to drink? What don’t we know they are drinking? How does the alcohol taste profile change as we move across countries, income brackets, ages, and genders? Do Nigerian men really like their sweet drinks? Do women really prefer ciders? With what – if anything – are people mixing these drinks?

Payments, Bills & Utilities

The business of transactions has changed forever. How do payment habits differ by age, gender, location and income bracket?

Restaurants, Bars, Bakeries & Cafes

This is a vanity list. In your city, what are the popping restaurants, bars, bakeries and cafes? How do these rank on the Reviews scale?

The Abyss of Online Shopping

Shopping online can often feel like being in the jungle. What are people willing or unwilling to buy online? How are payment and logistics services shaping people’s willingness to pay before delivery?

Luxury & High-Income Lifestyles

Who are the luxury consumers in Africa and what are they up to? How do they spend their time? In addition to analyzing how they’ve answered other surveys across the REACH catalog, we explore the evolving definition of luxury and what drives value for those with the bulk of Africa’s disposable income.

Urban Africa: Income Demographics & The Economics of Consumer Spending

What are the various rungs of Africa’s economic ladder and how are people feeling about their prospects of making it to the top rungs of the income bracket? How do current income disparities manifest in people’s minds as they go about working their way to the top in a variety of life aspects – economic, professional, and even romantic?

The Education & Career Report

How much education do you have? In what industry do you work? What is your job title in this industry? How much do you earn? The goal of this survey is to index how labor is rewarded in different countries across a variety of industries. It will be useful to both job seekers and employers to help them benchmark how wages are evolving and how people can assess their effectiveness as employees.

The Art and Enigma of Sports Betting

Betting has become an integral part of almost every avid sports fan on the continent. This report explores the habits of Ghanains, Kenyans, and Nigerians when it comes to putting their faith and money in the hands of their favorite sporting teams. Do people bet all year round or is there a seasonal swing? What are the go to betting platforms? How big is the betting market share? Is there a strategy/skill to betting or is it all luck and random chance? All you need to know about betting culture can be found here.

Urban Africa: The Price of Entrepreneurship

What are the realities of being an entrepreneur today? What are the fears, hopes and challenges being tackled by today’s entrepreneur? What industries are most attractive to entrepreneurs? How are they financing their ventures? What are the prevailing beliefs about the economy and their prospects for success? 

Social Media & The Music We Love

How is social media changing how we discover and enjoy music? Who does today’s artist need to be in light of the impact of social media? Why do people follow certain artists on social media and not others?

Urban Africa: Rent, Lifestyle & Housing

With livability indices coming out of the woodwork to say that many African cities are really the worst places on earth to live, what do Africans think about their cities? We start this off by asking people:

– Name of the city
– Name of neighborhood within the city
– How much they pay in rent each year
– Whether it’s paid monthly or annually
– Access to public amenities
– Access to social amenities
– How they’d rate their standard of living

Urban Africa: Faith & Money

With religion and faith being such touchpoint topics around the continent, let’s find out what people believe about organized religion and its claim – or not – on their money. How likely are people to believe wholesale what men of God declare? When last did they give to their religious organization?

Transportation, Delivery & Logistics

How do we get goods from one place to another? Locally and internationally? How much do we spend getting around? What factors influence our choice and ability to move ourselves and our goods? And who are the major players keeping this industry running?

Urban Africa: Love & Money

How are people navigating the co-mingling of their moneys as they pursue life together? How does this play out in dating expectations? How or how aren’t gender roles evolving in modern relationships? Are people eagerly getting married or growing cautious of the institution – and if so, why?

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