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What is in a Market Playbook?

Category Cornerstones

Assembled from transaction data, surveys, focus groups, home visits, shopper observations, and the FACES test, Category Cornerstones are clear, succinct and powerful insights about your industry, category and target audience.

Design Pillars

Design Pillars are the pathway from insight to implementation. By combining two or more Category Cornerstones, we generate guidelines for executing any market intervention no matter the task – marketing, partnerships, product or service design, retail strategy.

Implementation Checklist & Scorecard

To avoid the all too common pitfall of failing to propagate insights and knowledge across the organization, our Market Playbook codifies your Design Pillars into an easy-to-use checklist and scorecard; embedding them into your existing processes.

Consumer Journey

Armed with clear guidelines for pursuing success with your target audience, we show how to apply the design pillars to all 7 stages of the customer journey: Discovery → Consideration → Conversion → Purchase → Evaluation → Repeat Purchase → Brand Advocate

Your Market Playbook may also contain recommendations for new routes to market, ways to activate, partnerships and engagement models. Finally, we offer our recommendation for what metrics to track and how often.

Why You Need a Market Playbook

Make people feel heard, understood and valued. Combining design thinking and data science, our Market Playbook delivers results that are empathic and feel personalized to your target audience – because they actually are.

Planning to scream the loudest is a race to the bottom. Leverage Transaction Informatics to cut through the crowded, noisy marketplace. Identify your actual target customers. Reach them consistently, efficiently.

Turning data into repeatable, measurable action has created some of the most successful companies in today’s world. The Market Playbook lets you operationalize and implement data from all your customer interactions.

Stay ready, agile, and responsive with evergreen information pathways between you and consumers. Create systems to quickly test and deploy strategies and products. With the Market Playbook, this is standard operating procedure.

Avoid lagging behind in innovation, falling out of touch with the market and leaving yourself open to irreversible disruption. Companies lacking an agile, knowledge-driven strategy are unlikely to survive.

The Market Playbook sets you up to guide and measure the effectiveness of your marketing decisions, communications execution and trade performance across all touchpoints.

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The Market Playbook

A comprehensive process to guide and measure the effectiveness of your marketing, communications, and trade performance in realtime across all touchpoints

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