The Community Council

This invite-only group is available to top participants within the REACH community. Not only do members get a say in the company’s decision-making process, they also enjoy exclusive privileges to leverage for their personal, professional or entrepreneurial endeavors.

How It Works


Create a REACH account

Creating an account with us signs you up for our newsletters and starts you on the path to take money and career management to the next level.


Use the REACH app

Set up your expenses and budget tracking. Our proprietary technology helps you manage and track your finances automatically.


Achieve Mentor level or higher in Community Levels

Achieve Mentor status or higher by being active, tracking and reviewing your retail experiences and providing information that helps the community.

Community Council Privileges

Community Council members enjoy many perks such as discounts for Summit access, advertising their business during the REACH Summit, gaining exclusive access to Summit speakers, as well as first access to upcoming editorial designs & updates.

They also get incentives such as first look at Editorial topics, a one-hour career coaching & application review session, discounts for courses, access to research reports and an invitation to join our exclusive network on Discord.

How to Qualify for The Community Council​

There are 12 seats on the community council and 9 of them are open to qualified members of our community to fill.


Community Council