The 5 Colours of The Bank Account

Trials and tribulations from when the alert just enters to when it disappears

1. Code Green: Low Threat

Ping! Alert has entered and life has meaning again, you’ve calculated the money quite alright, but it just feels divine to see money in your account.

God is good.

2. Code Blue: Guarded

When you start making the little transfers and start feeling a little jittery but it’s not enough to spoil your mood, still sha, you just stay vigilant for any funny business on these streets.

3. Code Yellow: Elevated

It’s not even the middle of the month, and more than half of that money is gone! You look back and wonder “but you planned this money now, what happened and what did you buy sef?”

Everything becomes offensive. Haba oga

4. Code Orange: High

This time, you can’t stay calm, your life flashes before your eyes, your account balance level doesn’t look like it’s here for the long haul i.e. till the next payday. You become aggressive.
Exhibit A:

5. Code Red: Severe

*needs *water! Why does this happen to you every single month? You’re now stuck with garri and the abandoned honey in the house, and left in darkness because you can’t even pay your light bill. How did we get here?

Look at yourself now, when will you learn?

Bonus Code: Purple Heart

This is for those who decide that enough is enough with this payday stressing; for those who choose to do something about their financial situation. This is for those who are ready to live their best life and actually work to get it. This is for those who download the REACH app that shows you where your money goes, everyday till your story changes. Why? It takes courage to let old spending habits die to create a stronger financial future.

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