5 Things You Must Know to Win At Black Friday

Your Discount Game Shall Be On Point

November is Black Friday month! Whoo peee!, which means shoppers everywhere are prepping their wish lists. But is there any point to shopping on Black Friday? Didn’t we just start this tradition in Nigeria? Is shopping online really easier? Don’t you have to stand in line to get the best deals?

After being a good boy or girl and saving up for items you need all year, it still helps to have a little change for the January dryness and here’s how you can get the best out of this month’s Black Friday deals.

1. You Can Shop AFTER

A lot of us don’t know that Black Friday often extends beyond one day, sometimes for up to a month even. As much as it is advisable to buy in the case of limited stock, or to avoid fighting for one item on day one, find out if it extends and try at a more convenient time.

Like a boss!

2. Shop Online

Just in case, you should have the pages for the items you want, saved and just waiting to be opened before hand because the traffic might cause the site to have crashes and you don’t want that. You also want to be saved from injury and transport fare.

You be waiting on them like…

3. Choose “Pick Up”

Because of the traffic of orders and the usual understaffing of Nigerian malls, it is wise to pick up the package instead of delivery, especially if you live in the city. First off, you will not get your package in the usual 3–7 day period, it could be as bad as 3-weeks after. Secondly, there isn’t enough time for your vendors to do accurate inventory whilst Black Friday is still on so they may run out of your order and you’ll be forced to cancel.

4. Luxury Brands Won’t Be On Sale

You probably won’t find products like Apple and flagship products in Black Friday sales. Not sure why, but it’s best to “zero” your mind on that. However, you’ll find a lot of generic products, that are typically just as good, only without the branding.

Yah! They won’t!

5. Do The Homework

This is probably the most important to know about Black Fridays in Nigeria: Know the price of the item you want before the sales begin. Why? Over the past few sales, I’ve noticed that the vendors put a higher non-existent price as the actual price, and the actual price as the new discounted one.

They think we don’t know.

Now that you’ve got the power, go and win at Black Friday this year. Let us know if you indeed saved some cool cash and share some advice from your experience.

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