4 Things We’re Thankful For

What are you thankful for?

It was thanksgiving yesterday! Well, not in Nigeria but I think that we can still do it in our own little way so we decided to share what we’re thankful for.

1. We Have Love

We at REACH HQ have experienced love at different levels. Love for each other, love in the work that we do and love in the people we’ve come to meet and with whom we have built beautiful friendships with.

2. We Have Life

For without life, everything is meaningless. We are thankful for sound health and bliss despite the Lagos hustle that can like to kill one’s morale.

3. We Have Amazing Business Growth

From humble beginnings, when no one knew of us to now, that we enter doors we didn’t think we would have entered this early. We are thankful for newer and bigger partners and friends who have contributed to growing REACH.

Truth: Ada Osakwe

4. We Have YOU

YOU are the most important element to our very being. We are thankful for your patience and belief in the dream that a Proudly Nigerian app could change the face of personal finances, helping you live your best life no matter your finances.

From all of us at REACH,

Happy Thanksgiving!

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