5 Ways To Make The Christmas Celebration Budget-Friendly

All I Want For Christmas is a Cheaper Christmas?

From planning and buying gifts for loved ones, to buying Christmas clothes, Christmas rice, travelling to the village, doing unofficial father Christmas to your townspeople when they come visiting, giving your home a face-lift, to buying decorations, and so on and so forth, we’re sure you’d like to see just one January where everyone isn’t cranky because of the excesses of the yuletide season.

If you’re a new family, a not so new family, a member of one, single, just friends, it’s complicated, this message is for you! Share it! It could save you and yours a fortune because let’s face it, Christmas in Nigeria or even anywhere in the world is pretty expensive and can become overwhelming. Now, let’s look at 5pretty damn certain ways to have a cheaper Christmas.

1. Have A Budget

If you haven’t done this already and you feel your expenses spiraling out of control, you better get to it! You and your spouse need to set a reasonable budget that accommodates clothes, gifts, food and decorations, by their category. If you’re new to this, you can pad it by keeping one small percent aside from the budget for little excesses.

Say it and believe it.

2. Reuse, DIY Decorations

For those who have little kids, or even those who don’t, you must remember how in primary school, we were made to decorate our classrooms with paper cut-outs and what not; they were beautiful. So watch some Instagram videos and see what you can do about decorating your home yourselves. Even if you have some old decorations, don’t throw them away, salvage them. See here

3. Don’t Be Part Of Every Secret Santa

You may not think this cuts in that much because most Secret Santa exercises come with a budget. You’ll be surprised at how surprised you’ll be when you forget one of them and because all the money is gone in your budget, you’ll be tempted to touch other funds if any. Learn to bow out of some.

Don’t let it get to this point.

4. You Too Go And Do Your Christmas At Someone Else’s House

If you’re one of those families or people that like to show off their Christmas spirit by inviting friends over for a small get together or end of the year party, switch it up! You too can visit someone and eat their food and drink their drink.

5. Clean Your House

You wouldn’t believe how many forgotten dresses, one thousand Naira notes, jeans and small appliances I’ve found just by cleaning out my home. Just the other day, I found a crazy Bluetooth speaker that a bank gave me, barely used!- ‘bout to be disturbing my compound with Christmas music! So clean your house, you may not need to buy those Christmas greeting cards you forgot or the bomber jacket you abandoned.

Legit life hack!

Dear friends, we know you love Christmas very much, but you can also love having a little change to take you through the much feared January dryness.

Wanna know more about us and why we care so much about making your money last longer, check us out here www.findreach.com.

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