5 Ways to Manage Your Fitness When You’re Broke

How to Fitfam on a budget

Greatness awaits those who know how to do things the affordable way. When you want to be fit but don’t think you’re the gym membership type or the personal trainer type, you can rest, assured that fitness doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you can relate, you might want to explore these 5 simple ways to ensure you’re still staying fit. You can achieve these despite whatever financial ‘sitch’ you might’ve found yourself in.

1. “Trek” to buy everything

Walk briskly to where you buy bread, trek to cut your hair, trek to buy food or trek to whatever will help you burn calories. What does it cost? Nothing.

2. Do floor exercises

Exercises like crunches, lunges, leg circles, etc. Cost? Nothing.

3. Do body-weight exercises

Exercises like push ups, lunges, squats and planks don’t require any special equipment. Just the right stance and you’re good to go! Remember to breathe because these exercises are not for the faint at heart. Cost? You get the gist by now

4. Dance

Work up a sweat while dancing and you can improve your muscle tone and strength.

How much does this cost? Absolutely nothing.

5. Clean

Ironing for at least an hour burns up to 150 calories, squat when scrubbing your bathroom floor, and stretch when dusting.

There’s a pattern here. Not having money everytime shouldn’t be an excuse for not keeping fit at any time. Everywhere around your home, is a tool that can be used for physical exercise; A bucket of water, your floors, or even a sofa.

Now that you know better, you might also want to just focus on a good meal plan(not a diet), and live your best life, within your means. Good luck!

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