5 Reasons You Lie To Your Mom About How Much You Really Bought “It”

Does your mom really know how much your iPhone costs?

Same way you didn’t tell her when you started drinking

My mom accidentally found out how much my Iphone 6s cost and the result was chaos. She began by reporting me to my dad and ended it by having a private chat with me about saving money and personal security.

So why do we lie too our moms about the true cost of stuff like our phones, weaves, clothes and so on. We’ve come up with a few theories but feel free to stop us or reply what other reasons why you won’t tell her the truth.

1. Chances Are, You Might Have Misplaced Priorities

“She doesn’t think I have thought my plans for money through. She believes that it is only people who have taken care of top of mind things like food, land and such should spend that kind of money”.
Have you done the needful? What reasons made you come up with the idea to spend that kind of money? Was it peer pressure? Do you have pending responsibilities to take care of?

2. Generational Gap Meaning Different Needs From Environmental Factors.

She didn’t grow up with the things you now consider important to thriving in this age. My mom would rather use that 200k to buy pure gold jewelry because that was what was popular culture back then. But for me, popular culture, social media and so on kinda needs me to have a smartphone with a good camera.

3. You Don’t Want Her To Think You Have Too Much Money

I think this stems from not wanting to be saddled with the responsibility of other people’s needs. You don’t want her to volunteer you for family contributions, for your cousins to hear and start disturbing you. See our article on why we’re uncomfortable talking about money for more on this.

4. Because She Is Still Paying Your Bills

Wouldn’t it be awkward for your mom to find out that you aren’t living a life that’s appropriate for the pocket money you’re being given? Yeah. A lot of us had to supplement our pocket money back in school with the skills we’d picked up along the way. But so we wouldn’t be told to stop to focus on school, we were afraid to tell our parents, especially our moms.

5. So She Doesn’t Feel Disappointed In You

We love our moms; they’re so precious and believe it or not, what they think of their kids is held in high esteem. Worse, you hear her say the words “I am disappointed in you” to you and you just start to feel so bad for making her feel that way. Some of us would rather just lie to keep ourselves happy than be honest.

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