7 Tricks to Make Your Food Last Longer

Low-budget food storage hacks

It is always a bore to come home only to find that the food that took you a whole 2 hours to prepare went good girl gone bad on you in your fridge. You may find yourself instantly blaming others or muttering some curse words but you must understand that what is gone, is gone.

Because we can relate, we went and put together this very basic list of tricks that help some everyday foods last longer without freezing. Why? Because reduced wastage means reduced expenses.

  1. Store onions in holed paper bags and they’ll last up to 3 months

2. Store tomatoes with the stem-end facing down and they’ll last up to a week

3. Wrap the stem of ripe bananas with cling film and they’ll stay fresh up to a week

4. Wrap uncut leafy green vegetables in old newspapers to reduce moisture and keep the leaves feeling crisp and fresh.

5. Keep your hands and spoon in one section at a time when serving soup to make it last up to 3 days without freezing. This way, air will only get into it one layer at a time.

6. Re-fry chips, akara and plantain for 30 seconds in preheated oil to restore crispness.

7. Preserve meat by hard smoking it with large amounts of salt over low heat to remove moisture and prevent further growth of microbes.

Knowing that there are still ways to store food and practising some of them should help put your mind and your pockets at ease. If you feel helped, go ahead and share this article!

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