The 5 Secrets of Multitasking For Nigerians

Because We’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

The ability to multitask is probably one of the biggest skills that will get you by in real and important life situations so you don’t completely fall apart from being overwhelmed.

And no, we’re not talking about being able to listen carefully to your neighbours’ argument with her boyfriend whilst doing laundry or actively tweeting whilst chatting with your three girlfriends on WhatsApp because we Nigerians are champions at such.

Yes, you know yourselves, stop pretending.

Moving on! Here are the 5 secrets of multitasking that make you a better Nigerian and also without losing your mind;

1. The First Secret To Multitasking is “Not” Multitasking

Simply, nothing is ever truly done all at the same time, voluntarily. So if you have 5 things to do in 8 hours, first, understand the nature of each of the 5 tasks and then determine which one requires the most time out of you for significant progress to be made.

Mind-blowing huh?

2. Prioritize

Now that you’re clear on what you need to do, prioritize your tasks by time and importance.

3. Create Defined Breaks

If you’re the type who hates to see the red pop-ups saying the number of unread messages and end up opening and getting lost in the abyss of messages all day, this is especially for you. What you should try, is dedicating 20 minutes for example to replying all messages or browsing Instagram or whatever. After that, that’s it! No more reading messages until you’re through.

4. Face Front

When you’re doing #3 task on your priority list, do task #3 and task #3 only. Face front! Otherwise, you’ll just end up making mistakes and increasing the time you should have ordinarily spent on a task.

Other Recommendations

Jut in case you need any further help, here are some tools that we find interesting

1. Momentum

This is a Google Chrome extension that just asks you one simple question everyday- What is your main focus for today?.

2. Todoist

Todoist as the name implies is a spin-off from “to-do list”. It’s a pretty simple task manager that lets you create a list, collaborate with others on a document or just set reminder.

PS: It took the writer two hours to put this together even though she planned to spend just one. It happens! And that’s why we’re human. If she didn’t plan it, she would’ve spent even more time. The point is to know thyself and build from there.

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