The 8 Bad Gangs To Join in 2022

The Year Is Still Yours If You’re Willing

Sum just happened right now! It’s not a small something that we made it to 2022 so accept our congrats! Indeed the bad gangs to join keep increasing but to whom much is given, much is expected!

That said, it’s time to saddle your horses and charge into the year like you’re the lead actor in an action movie. This is the ultimate list of bad gangs to join in 2022;

1. The Side-Hustle Gang

Fam! If not now, then when? If not you, then who? In December, we want to hear testimonies from you! Stop sleeping on that dream of yours! Remember that you can start small on that consulting, fish breeding, pure water packaging, make-up servicing, travel agency, cooking business. Bring on your A game!

Bring it we say!

2. Flat Tummy Gang

Just drop it all.

3. The Ibeju Landowner Gang

Low risk, high profit margin, what are you waiting for? It doesn’t even have to be in Ibeju, Lekki, you can own land back in your hometown or other outer towns in Lagos, your call but this year must not pass you by.

The boss life is not easy.

4. The Benz Owner Gang

Move over Camry gang of 2021, welcome the Mercedes Benz gang of 2022

End of discussion!

5. The “Designer” Gang

You have 12 months! Become such a boss that you can brag with Gucci head-to-toe!

Gucci Gang! Gucci Gang! Gucci Gang!

6. The Island That Doesn’t Sink Gang

You read that right! After what happened last year, let’s work towards the parts that don’t sink biko!

May we jump and pass.

7. The 30 Billion Gang

All this one Davido and the Gucci gang are doing, hmm. Diaris God.

Oya receive it!

8. The Investor Gang

This one ehn! This gang is the ultimate gang! This year, we expect you to multiply your money. We expect your salary to be the means to and end, and not the end. Find something profitable and invest your money.

We too have plenty goals we’re working to achieve this year, so we’ll see you at the top.

After all these, we expect you to be ready to take on even bigger challenges in 2023. God speed!

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