5 Household Items That Double As Beauty Products

#4 is absolutely bonkers!

Every make-up wearing girl has been in a makeup rut before.This article will show you crazy-effective, money-saving ways to rise above them like a boss next time. And guess what? The solutions are all in our own everyday household items.

1. Old business card

There are days where the perfect winged eyeliner just refuses to let you shine. No more. Find an old business card and wing the heck out of that eye-liner.

2. Vaseline

Dab a little vaseline on your perfume spots before you spray to make it last longer. Why? Vaseline is occlusive which means it will block air from getting through.That makes your perfume last longer than if you sprayed in on your dry skin. Fiam!

3. Shaving cream

So you’re ready for this big meeting and big meeting means wearing your Sunday best, suddenly you see a makeup stain that looks like foundation on your collar. Don’t you worry child. Apply some shaving cream to the problem areas, rub gently and then rinse under room temp water.

4. Vodka

Mix a little vodka in water and spray your clothes to get rid of any smells including perfume just in case you don’t have the time to wash. Easy peasy, Chris Breezy.

5. Tea Bags

Sometimes, shaving the underarms could go sideways. If you cut yourself of have bumps, you can just place a wet tea bag there to help it heal faster.

See something you’re going to try next? Or see something you need to share with a friend who always has these cosmetics mishaps? Share away.

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