The 10 Commandments of Spending Money

How to spend your money wisely

How To Get A Lot From A Little Effort

Aren’t you tired of never having enough funds to cover your basic needs? Of how you never have the complete rent money or the full school fees or next week’s transport fare? We simply need to be smarter with the way we spend money. Here’s what we’ve come up with to help.

Beware of back sliding on these commandments. While they’re here to guide us in this game called “money”, it’s better for you to square up to the challenge.

1. Thou Shalt Not Spend More Than You Earn

People who get into debt typically find it arduous to get out of it. It sounds easy, but spending more than we make is actually the number one cause of debt so be mindful and try to get rid of habits that you can live without.

We expect you to be mature about this.

2. Thou Shalt Create a Savings Plan

NGN 100 a day is not going to help you when you know that you have the capacity to do 40K a month outright. What if you suddenly need to buy a car battery or medicine or plan a wedding or any serious emergency?

“Adult”ing is hard but you’ll get through it.

3. Thou Shalt Not Keep Up With The Adebanjos

Your neighbours have all the “coolest” things; You don’t want to look cheap, so you compete with them.
You must realize that you worked hard for the money you have. Learn to be satisfied with what you can afford.

This is how you look, when you’re not minding your business

4. Thou Shalt Pay Your Bills On Time

Don’t let your landlord turn you into a thief because you couldn’t pay your rent on time. Renew your car papers; so, you don’t start shaking when Customs officials stop you. “A stitch in time, saves nine”.

You can do it!

5. Thou Shalt Avoid Get-Rich Quick Schemes

Remember the case of the M*M Ponzi Scheme? “If it’s too good to be true, it’s because it’s too good to be true”.

Run. Away. From. Them!

6. Thou Shalt Teach Your Children To Handle Money

Allow your kids to pen down any monies given to them, where they also state how they’ve spent them. In fact, tell them they’re saving for the family’s vacation.

Don’t give in to the “all my friends at school have it” façade.

7. Thou Shalt Track Your Spending

Just use The REACH App

On doughnuts!

8. Thou Shalt Compare Your Needs Vs Your Wants

Would you rather have a NGN70,000 pair of soccer boots or NGN70,000 in your hand?

9. Thou Shalt Compare Prices

There is no shame in going store-to-store in Balogun market until you get what you want. Why pay more for an item than you have to?

Hell nah!

10. Thou Shalt Learn From Your Mistakes

Only a mad man repeats the same thing, expecting different results. You paid your first rent without making sure everything was working fine and you got swerved. Learn and move on.

Say a hearty buh bye to your past mistakes. This is a new you.

Maybe if you made more money. Maybe if you didn’t live so far from work. Maybe you’ll stop being broke all the time. Well, maybe schmaybe!

Who excuses “epp”? Follow these commandments and stretch your money like a boss.
If you need a little help, try the REACH App that helps you to track your spending and hopefully make better decisions on how you use your money.

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