4 Tips To Build Your CV

How to build the CV that gets the job

It’s never been harder to stand out from the pack and land a job than it is right now. At the same time, employers complain that it’s hard to find great people to join their teams. So what’s the matter?

Truth is, very few people know how to write a compelling CV. Here’s what you need to do write the CV that lands the job.

1. Grammar —

the quickest way to get your work overlooked or denigrated is to send it in with grammatical errors. Grammar is the first impression you make. It is how you communicate your attention to detail. It is also how you show respect to the person reading your CV. For many great firms, great grammar is the first hurdle into near-automatic entry. People who write well tend to do most other things well also.

2. Truth-

Don’t lie on your CV. Just don’t do it. Besides the fact that it’s wrong, it will hurt you in big ways. First, we can tell when you aren’t who you’ve said you are in your CV. Second, what’s your plan when it’s time to show your skills at the office and you’re frantically seeking ways to hide the truth of your incompetence? If you are a fast-learner, say so. Don’t claim to know what you don’t know, but instead, give examples of how you’ve learned things quickly in your past. Your ability to learn is one of your most important assets.

3. State your impact. Be specific. —

For every position on your CV, be clear about what you achieved and how the company or organisation benefited from your presence there. Were you a receptionist? Great. Talk about the impact you had on people entering the company for the first time. Never rely on the title of your role as the most descriptive portion of your CV.

4. Quantify your achievements — Everything is quantifiable.

The number of meetings you booked. The number of people you welcomed. The amount of new business you created. The increase in the value of the company or its share price while you were a part of the company. Talk about the new customers you brought in, the number of reports you wrote, the number of articles you wrote, the number of products you launched and the users you touched.

Do these 4 things and tell us how quickly you get called in for that interview. Happy job hunting!

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