The Four N5,000 Investments Every Nigerian Student Must Make

It’s never too early

If you’re a student in Nigeria, it’s your lucky day. This list of amazing opportunities to make passive income will leave you first; richer, second; financially secure and third; financially independent!

And guess what, you only need 5k.

1. Treasury-bills– Hit the link to know what these are

By buying from investment partners or banks who are mutual fund managers, you can put in as low as 5k for 91, 182 or 364 days! The interest rates are also usually higher than fixed deposit funds but are more difficult to terminate pre-maturely. Interest rates for the year typically range between 10–14%. It’s a good gamble.

Lau lau living!

2. Digital Agriculture

Companies such as , HelloTractor, FarmCrowdy and VitualFarm are doing amazing work, offering a platform that allows everyday people to invest their money in farming and reap good benefits. From what we’ve seen, these benefits typically range between 5%-13% based on how long you plan to hold the investment. Once again, you can begin with as low as 5k.

Yes! with just 5k!

3. Money Markets– Clicky the linky to read about this

You can make this type of investment with as low as 2,000 Naira. Interest rates typically begin at 12.5%. Click here to begin (In partnership with AXA Mansard Investments Ltd.

Everyday is a holiday.

4. Fixed Deposit <Read more here

The interest paid on fixed deposits is always higher than the interest that the bank pays on a regular deposit and with only 5,000 naira, you can put your money into any bank of your informed choosing for at least 30 days. Note: Different banks have drastically different interest rates so you must find out this information before investing.

Omg! Can’t hear y’all over all this money!

So who are we and why are we telling you stuff? Well, we’re REACH. We built an app that helps you track your expenses, set budgets, build a Personalised Financial Plan and use this knowledge to make better informed decisions about your financial habits as you grow. Check us out at or download our app here.

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