5 Levels of Mentorship You Should Have

Here is How You Get a Mentor and Be a Mentor

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Welcome to your kick-ass week! Ever heard of the saying, ”Never ask someone to be your mentor, instead ask directly what you want to learn?” Well, having people who support you in all areas of your life from career, personal, and even spiritual is very key to improving your life.

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey. 

In this week’s edition, we will identify the benefits of having a mentor, becoming a mentor to others and tracking your progress with your mentor. Remember, asking someone to be your mentor does not have to start with an awkward conversation. It can be as natural as you allow it to be by identifying people whose career or personal life that you admire. 

At REACH, we believe in helping you identify all the necessary tools needed for your progression in life. Having a mentor makes conquering obstacles more doable and efficient. 

Let’s Dive In! 5 Levels of Mentorship You Should Have

As usual, we are guided by the MAGNET framework 


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together.” If you pay attention, mentors are all around you, they are fairly easy to identify. They are the ones who want to see you succeed. Mentorship is an action not a status or title, it is important to adapt the mindset of acknowledging their roles and importance in your life.

4 Reasons Why Having A Mentor Is Important 


We have a task for you! This week we challenge you to identify the mentors around you. Here are a few tips to make the task easier:
1. They are people you already trust somewhat instinctively
2. They are willing to give you advice on your career or personal life
3. You know they will listen when you talk 
4. They have been there for others in the past
5. They may sometimes reference their own mentor in conversations.
These cheat codes should help, anyone comes to mind?

How Mentors Connect You to Opportunities


After conquering your assessment, seek out opportunities to develop those mentoring relationships you’ve identified.  Set some goals around investing quality time by making sure you speak to your mentor at least once a month to update them on your career and personal progress. Adding this check-in call to your schedule will encourage you to attain goals and successes to discuss with your mentor. 

What You Should Know Before Getting A Mentor

Net Worth

Mentoring and being mentored are also a great way to keep your money brain engaged on key happenings in your industry. You are better positioned to leverage new knowledge that will make you a more valuable and indispensable member of any team. This is key when setting up your life for financial success and security.

4 Tactics For Negotiating Your Salary 


In the same way you seek to be mentored, be sure to mentor others. Investing time and resources in personal and career development of others, also sets you up for leadership roles in your profession.

Ask Your Mentors Questions Directly 


We always recommend 3 ways to track your career progress here at REACH HQ:

Tool: Use the vision board section of the app to write down the next steps given to you by your mentor.

Person: Invite your mentor to the vision board to keep track of your progress and also invite your mentees to your board to emulate the advice you are receiving from your mentor. 

Schedule: Setup a monthly check in with your mentor and mentee(s). 

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How To Use the Dreams & Vision Board in the App

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