Your Parents Are Wrong

Yeah, we said it. Your parents don’t know it all

Today we have something serious to discuss.Our parents often like to remind us of how much harder things were back in their day. But here’s the thing: 

They are wrong

Yes. We said it.  Go bravely and tell them we said so. Here is your amunition:

1. They will say: You now have computers, smartphones, the internet.

And you will say: convenience and efficiency does not always mean life enjoyment.

2. They will say: They had to walk miles to school – barefoot – because they couldn’t afford

But they were also guaranteed jobs. Today, some silly employer will ask for a master’s degree and 5 years’ work experience for an entry level position. 

4. Next they’ll say: You have a lot more opportunities available today

And thanks to the internet, unattainable celebrity lifestyles, and impossible beauty standards, we are constantly taunted by these so-called opportunities that seem just always out of reach.

5. We are also the generation dealing with a pandemic and the highest income inequality in the history of mankind

Back in the day your competition was your village, or state, or country. Today, your skills and abilities are in competition with the entire world.

6. So please, all things considered, it is amazing we are still standing

We are making very tasty lemonade with the lemons we were given.

But if they don’t give you the ovation you deserve, know that we see you and salute you.

Making it this far means you’ve got what it takes: courage, moxie, whatever you want to call it. You’re strong-willed and focused- facing down an army of situations that don’t want you to win.

Know that your actions are inspiring people


With every day you get up and keep going, you’re inspiring the people around you to keep working and never give up. Check out our book, Money Brain: Career & Money Management in Your 20s and 30s.

Keep dreaming, planning and doing

30 is not the magic number. Don’t mind what they say, just stay focused and use the DREAM function in the Android and iPhone apps to plan and achieve your goals.

Share this article in your family group chat for good vibes this week. Stay strong, my friends.

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