2 Ways to Earn Cash on REACH

In this economy, anyway to gain free cash is a good idea.

Wondering how others have qualified for surveys to earn cash in the past but you haven’t? Here’s what you need to start doing;

  1. Reviews: Reviews are a great way to give quality feedback to vendors in your area and to help others find good places to do business. To improve relevance to other users, make sure you turn on your location when you leave, view or comment on reviews. Add your location here.
  2. Track your expenses: If you’ve been tracking your spending diligently, keep it up! But to qualify for more surveys, start by allowing SMS persmissions so that your expenses can be tracked accurately. Second, ensure your uncategorized transactions are cleaned up. Finally, if you have been entering your expenses yourself and have been storing your receipts, good job!..now’s a good time to enter those expenses. Track your expenses here.

Pretty easy right? Keep tracking those expenses and leaving feedback based on your location and sweet rewards will keep coming your way. Click the link below to begin. 

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