The 6 Life Lessons We Learnt From Big Brother Naija

Take a lot of notes

Ah! Big Brother Nigeria, with its never-ending drama, its woes, cliques and let’s not forget, the drama coordinators themselves, the housemates. They kuku decided to make it worse in 2018 – “Double Wahala” and in just three weeks, mehn! We have to say that these particular housemates deserve

A lot of factors come to play in the BBN house in this race for the ultimate prize of 45 million naira just as they do in our real lives, whether it is the contract you’re chasing, targets you want to meet or even personal goals that you plan to accomplish. Be that as it may, these are the 6 lessons that we’ve learned and are still learning from the BBN house

1. You Can’t “Fake it Till You Make It” Through Everything

In the case of Dee-One and Khloe, they tried and failed at being people persons, team players, comedians or even good leaders! They tried to be these people so bad but it backfired. In our everyday lives, we see people with fake accents, those who have people write exams on their behalves, those who borrow money, clothes and cars to look expensive and all sorts, trying to make this money! You’ll think you’re fooling others and you end up fooling you.

2. Don’t Be Power Drunk (or drunk at all. It’s money that we’re talking about here)

With Khloe once again, she became Head of House(HoH) this past week and it was all well and good until she stepped on some toes. She spoke without discernment and was oblivious of the two strikes that herself and her partner had already accrued. She tried to step in on some disagreement and it cost her pair a disqualification from the show! At work, school or wherever, the little responsibilities handed you are to be treated as if they were your own problems. You must remember at all times that the higher you go, the harder the fall. This means that where everyone else is careful, you must be extra careful.

3. Don’t Lose Your Head

K-Brule was triggered when some insulting words were said to him. As we are wont to say, ‘don’t react when you are angry or the effect of your reaction may be worse than the cause of your anger’. Here, his team was immediately disqualified off the show. In real life, we may not be so lucky to only lose chances of winning the prize money. In real life your reputation and chances of success may be severely hampered.

4. People are Always Watching(and listening)

Just as there are real life MiNa’s, CeeBi’s and BamTeddy’s, there are also real life Big Brothers/friends, colleagues and family who are always watching. They see you when you’re self indulged, hide away from responsibility, focus on the wrong aspects of the game and your names end up in the mouths of your housemates or in real life, let’s say colleagues for possible eviction.

5. Don’t Play On People’s Emotions

Some people may appear weak or under some spell around you, don’t take advantage of them if you genuinely do not have any interest in their lives or their wellbeing. Take the case of CeeC and Tobi for example. The day the latter “changes it for you”, you’ll be left hanging by a thread.

6. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

BBN compulsorily created pairs- it’s part of the game but if you looked closer, you’d have seen that not all members of each pair have been particularly acting like they were part of a team. It is also no coincidence that the strongest teams were the most voted to remain in the house- MiNa and BamTeddy. Who’s your numero uno fan in your life who genuinely wants the best for you? Team up and do great things together.


What other useful lessons did we miss out? Do tell!

Until next time, REACH will be watching.

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