3 Sweet Treats From Your Friends At REACH

Your best life is within REACH

Featuring the all new Community, Niki and Content on the app

First, we must say a big thank you for using REACH, your go-to personal finance tool for the dauntless who have proved ready to take control of their finances.

Check out the three new improvements to the REACH app are giving us life right now. We’re sure you’ll find them quite delicious

  1. The Re-launch of Community
  2. The Re-naming of Kudi to Niki and
  3. The Integration of Content to the app

What’s New With Community?

Community Leaderboard

Community is now all sleek and s*xy. Pardon our french. Check this out! Now you can:

  1. Invite friends to grow their money like you,
  2. Compete for the toughest spots in the Leaderboard of Financial Mastery(As shown in side image)
  3. Have fun

Click this line to start competing

What’s New With Niki? (formerly Kudi)

Niki introducing herself

Niki! Do you love me?…

After 2 years of tireless service and unlimited savagery, Kudi has decided to retire. She’s now at her country home where she plans to tend to her ugu garden and continue the savagery. She has handed us over to Niki, our new chatbot.

So meet Niki, your new Personal Finance Assistant and Gatekeeper

Ask her anything about your experience with REACH. She has all the answers.

Click this line to talk to Niki about your money problems

What’s Content All About?

Content cards on the REACH app

Everyone could use a story and more often everyone could use a lesson. Whichever way you need it, the new Content Card on the REACH dashboard is here for you.

  1. Get daily articles, tailored to your lifestyle,
  2. Have a laugh,
  3. Learn and
  4. Share

Click this line to see the latest articles specifically for you in content

This and more will be coming to you from REACH. Check back soon on the app.


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