5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Voter’s Card This Time

No really, you should have yours

The above statement is now common saying among many Nigerians who once hoped for better days under the current administration. But alas, the grandiose promises of good jobs, benefits for the unemployed and economic prosperity have not been fulfilled. With the elections less than a year away, there have been calls in many quarters for all Nigerians to get their permanent voter’s card and cast their votes for a candidate who can improve the fortunes of the country.

As a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is your right to vote. To do so, you must have obtained your Permanent Voter’s Card(PVC). Here’s why you should go get yours.

1. To Show Your Commitment To Your Country

The cries of agony and distress under the present government cuts across the length and breadth of the country. There are genuine concerns that must be addressed with the rampaging herdsmen killing with reckless abandon and threatening to run riot unless they are curtailed. Furthermore, the travails of the common man on the street calls for a collective action and getting your voter’s card is a show of your commitment to finding a solution to these problems.

2. Because Economic Recession Affects Us All

It is a sad reality that the economic fortunes of most Nigerians have taken a turn for the worst as things are no longer as they used to be. A lot of us have had to abandon our financial goals because our income and purchasing power can no longer accommodate such excesses.

3. To Avoid Blaming Someone Else Later

Get your voter’s card to avoid blaming your neighbor for choosing to vote for a bad leader who emerged after the election. Everyone has a choice and a chance to influence the outcome of the election. As George Jean Nathan once said, “Bad leaders are elected by good citizens who do not vote”!

4. To Be a Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

“I’m not a politician”. Stop saying that. I’m not one either but that’s not an excuse for you to remain aloof while other citizens are busy trying to elect a leader whose policies will only do your fatherland more damage. When you get your voter’s card, you’ve already drawn the battle line for the progress of your country.

5. Your Vote Is Your Weapon

One way or another, we’re all feeling the repercussions of our decisions at the elections. The politicians have their weapons and even as common man, you have yours too. I’m not talking about physical violence here; your voter’s card is your weapon to effect the change you want to see. Use it.

Wondering how to get yours and show your solidarity to your country? Follow the link below.

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