6 Ways To Go Broke In Lagos

Since you don’t want to hear word

Warning: This is a rant. If you want to go broke deliberately, here are a few habits that are sure to send you well on your way.

The reason why we’re doing this is because some people don’t want to hear word. Don’t be one of them pliz

1. Buy Impulsively

Small money like this and you suddenly don’t want people to think that you are not capable. Capable of what? Think about it: Who is really winning here?

You know the rest

2. Have Misplaced Priorities

You’re supposed to eat well, stay hydrated, exercise and maybe have a laugh here and there but what do you do instead? You eat junk 24/7, only drink water when you eat, lose sleep over your favourite shows(that you stream on your own data) and end up spending that money in health bills. You can do better

3. Go Partying Every Weekend

Every single time the ‘boys’ call you to come chill with them, knowing well that all of you are not earning the same salary, you jump at it!

…you’re doing yourself.
And you would think that you’re safe until all the fine fine babes at the club start disturbing you to buy them drinks, smh. Shay you want to prove a point now?

4. Be Cabbing It

Mrs. Classy! As in you’re a classic woman. So just because you want to just quickly buy bread, you rub make-up and enter cab so you don’t look cheap. The wealthy don’t even know the cost of bread in the market so you better drop all that forming.

Just look at your life…

5. Be Looking For Labels Everywhere

People like this will literally sell their own (and others’) belongings to buy ‘designer’. Why? Because IG celebs are wearing them and that’s apparently the key to greatness.
Please how is this behaviour not counter-intuitive? Some of these people whom you envy have not eaten today: some don’t have a home; some are even wearing borrowed things. How do you plan to make it if all you’re concerned about are trivial things. Please receive sense and allow your star to shine.

6. Go and Do Sports Betting

We are not trying to spoil anybody’s business but when you know that you have limitless goals, on your limited resources, you should never get into the habit of gambling like this. It will run you down because you’ll keep hoping that you’ll win one day so you continue to pump money into it. Let go of unproductive investments please.

Don’t kill us with your bad decisions.

Long story cut short, you don’t have to be this person. You don’t need this kind of negative energy all around you to be great and that’s why we hammer on the fact that your best life is within reach when you do the right things so keep at it.

You know where to find us sha.

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