Friend, Let Creativity Define Your 2022

Hi Friend, you fearless warrior of life.

The REACH Summit 2021 was a call to level up in our careers and personal finances. As the frenzy of January resolutions dies down, let’s try something different. Each week, I will challenge you to try one new thing and share what impact or lesson this new activity unlocks for you: 22 Things To Do In 2022.

Task 1 of 22 
Pursue Creativity

Creativity is key to solving all of life’s challenges. That is why it is the first task on this year’s list. How might being more creative ultimately affect our net worth? Could creativity help us to get promoted, earn more money; find a better job; start a new business?

Jeremy Utley, the director of executive education at Stanford University’s Design School, makes a bold assertion. He says that creativity is not a trait that special people possess. It is a skill that anyone can learn. Watch his keynote address above and in 2022, let creativity become our Number 1 Superpower.

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I’ll be back with you next week to find out how you’re doing on your pursuit of creativity.

Until then, remember,

Your best life is within reach…


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Get A Job, Get Promoted or Secure Partnerships At The REACH Summit

Get A Job, Get Promoted or Secure Partnerships At The REACH Summit

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Program Schedule for The REACH Summit

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