Get A Job, Get Promoted or Secure Partnerships At The REACH Summit

Meet the amazing speakers at the REACH Summit 2021

Dear Friend ,

Jeremy, Sonia, Afua and Sheila have been incredibly instrumental in my professional journey and I am really excited for you to experience their magic.

Jeremy Utley was my professor at Stanford for just 10 weeks. But his impact on my career continues to this day. He calls out the genius in all of us and helps you see your creative power in new unfettered ways.

Sonia Alleyne was my editor and mentor at Black Enterprise magazine in New York. She taught me to embrace my wins and losses as steps toward discovering my true calling and deepest successes. Without question, one hour in her workshop will literally change the way you see your career and maybe even your life.

Afua Osei is a global strategy leader with 10 years of experience in securing global partnerships, developing innovative entrepreneurship programming and leading high achieving teams to advance women’s economic participation. We thought we had activated all aspects of our business at REACH until we met Afua. She is a firebrand, a master coach, and just the person that can help you unlock huge new business opportunities.

Looking for a new job? Looking to get promoted? Looking to get noticed by recruiters at home and abroad? Let Sheila Ojei help you with a makeover for your professional profile and CV.

Don’t wait. Register now in the app or reactivate your account with REACH to access the event. 

Friend, I’d love to see you take advantage of this opportunity and position yourself for an amazing 2022.

You can do it. Your best life is within reach,
– JR

PS: You can find a full breakdown of the summit here.

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