The Income Disparity Report

All you need to know about the Income Disparity Report

Hey guys!
I know we have been a little quiet on this newsletter streets, we have been working behind the scenes to create MAGIC just for you. 
We’ve missed you ALOT and apologise for the radio silence. Do you forgive us now?

Hope you do because we have our Income Disparity Report to share with you. 
Before we do, here are some #DidYouKnow facts:
1. #DidYouKnow the literacy rate for women is at 60% compared to that of men which is about 72%? 
2. #DidYouKnow the formal work sector is populated at an uneven ratio of 70% men to 30% women?
3. #DidYouKnow these prevailing stats have had a significant impact on the women in the workplace?
This is why we call gender and income disparity a form of economic violence against women. 
Purchase the Income Disparity Report Here  
Friend, want to be part of our upcoming focus group?

We are conducting some research on beverages that might be of interest to you. We would like to include your opinions in this study. The study will be conducted by way of focus group discussions.

 Location: Ibadan & Enugu
 Duration: 2 hours, Arrival 30 mins ahead.

We are looking for participants to fit the criteria below:

(a) Men, aged 20 to 25, earning under $300 monthly (less than N125,000)
(b) Women, aged 20 to 29, earning over $300 monthly (more than N125,000)
We will say thank you by treating you to a free lunch and N5,000. 
Are you interested? Please register your details and answer a few questions using the link here
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