The Five Commandments of Saving

We’re even saving you time by giving you just the top 5

There are only a few super-sized savings rules that can truly transform your finances: Rules so big they deserve to be etched in stone. I give you “The Five Commandments of saving.

1. Thou Shalt Know Where Thy Money Goes

When the generals go to war, they need an overview of the battlefield. Maps, reconnaissance and data show them where the enemy is susceptible. In the battle for savings, the first thing you have to know is where your money is going.

We’re just going to use this opportunity to introduce our app that does just that:


2. Thou Shalt Find Money in Thy House

You’ll be surprised how much money, sellable items and reusable things you find when you clean out the clutter in your home. It doesn’t just feel good, it also helps you find lost treasures to feed your piggy bank.

The most I’ve found is1k in an old handbag- it was bliss.

3. Thou Shalt Think Ahead

Be like our Nigerian moms who used to buy our Christmas clothes and food stuff 4 months before Christmas to avoid the rush and the huge price hikes for the same items.

Batman does it too.

4. Thou Shalt Budget Like A Boss

Please oh, being on a budget is not a limitation; it’s peace of mind, freedom, and financial empowerment. Haters gonna hate anyway so you might as well do you.

We’ll still use this opportunity to introduce our app once again because you can start setting budgets on it right now.


5. Thou Shalt Prioritize- Right

Prioritize right because some people have made a mess of their lives from having the wrong priorities. You’re better than that because you don’t cheat on yourself. Prioritize spending and time on things that bring new relationships, money, knowledge or skill.

We at REACH believe that we all can live the good life on a resource friendly level. REACH is a tool that helps people track their spending, set budgets and keep you informed on how you’re doing based on those budgets. 

Do you want to put something away in savings? Follow this link here-!

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