The African Millennial Study

Have you seen our African millennial study?

Hi there,

I trust you’ve been well. Because of your role leading individuals and companies on the African continent, I thought you would appreciate the findings of our recently-completed study: African Millennial Currencies: The 2019 Report.

Sponsored by REACH, in partnership with EXP Agency, a pan-African experiential marketing firm, we compiled insights from over 10,000 young Africans aged between 20 and 35, living in Lagos, Nairobi, and Accra.

Our study focused on three core currencies of this demographic:

  • Social Currency – how they wield their influence;
  • Monetary Currency – how they spend their money; and
  • Professional Currency – where they choose to work.

And because these findings will materially shape the way companies employ and advertise to millennials, REACH and EXP have partnered to offer The Millennial Brand Lab.

Are you interested in the full study? Let us meet or get on a call to discuss how this research affects your work and business.

Best regards,
JR Kanu
Founder & CEO
Lagos | New York

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