How to Get Stuff Done

Warning: We will be brash so better get a bullet-proof vest for your emotions

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s December! Who else loves this season?! Guess we all do then! Still, this month can come with a bit of a drag right?- From anxiety attacks with planning resolutions to evaluating this year’s, these worries can weigh us down and even affect levels of motivation negatively.

We’re here to let you know that you will get that butt of yours up, fix your face and go out with a bang this year-

-you will dust your shoulders and receive the greatness to finish strong, unless you no be your mama pikin!

1. Stop Whining All The Damn Time!

The world doesn’t care about how tired you are or how under-appreciated you are. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and keep doing your job. We all face obstacles, the difference is in how you deal with it.

2. Go and Eat Something!

And plix, we did not send you to food like fufu and obe abula, we mean something light like fruit or g-nut. Don’t fall your hand by yourself.

3. Get Your Ass Out of Your Seat And Take A Walk!

Feeling sleepy and even bored on top, go for a brisk walk, get your blood pumping!

4. Put Your Favorite Song On Darn Repeat!

What is your gym playlist? Your alone in the car playlist? Your walking somewhere alone playlist? It’s time to listen to it on repeat till you wear it out.

La ka la laka scrito!

5. Last-Last Go and Lock Yourself In a Room

And don’t come out until you make some progress.

Ideas fall on you!

Everything moves fast in life, sometimes, you have to drag that motivation out from wherever it hides.

Stick with us! We believe in you and in your big bang!

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