8 Steps To Define Your Life Goals

How to set goals that you can actually achieve

“I didn’t come here to be average” – Michael Jordan

A lot of us may be familiar with the “go and write a 5, 10 and 20-year plan and all the resources you think you need to get there” style of goal-setting. Not to say that it doesn’t work, but a lot of us don’t even know how to set goals, least of all, realistic ones. If your goal is undefined or unrealistic, you have already impaired your success. Of course there are no secrets to success, just systems and we can help you with that.

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To make the best out of your year, let’s try it this way.

1. Who Are You?

A lot of people don’t know the answer to this! Who is [insert name]? Are you an introvert who loves predictability who gets distracted easily and is also afraid of the unknown? Be honest with yourself and be okay with who you are right now.

2. Why Are You Setting Goals?

Before you even begin determining them, why do you think you need to set goals? Is it because that’s what you believe will help? Or is it because everyone else is doing it? Know this about yourself and know that you need to be your own person to truly succeed on your journey.

3. What Is Your Drive In Life?

Money? Family? Power? Your peers? Just trying not to be a liability? Fear of failure? Understanding this will help you better estimate where and when you place your milestones on your journey to greatness. If you’re just going through the motions, you must know that no one does any world-changing thing that way. You must have drive, the right drive, custom made, not just because every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing it.

4. Who, What, Where Do You Want To Be? (The Bigger Picture)

As you may well know, you can talk to as many successful people that there are in the world but they can’t take your place and replicate their successes- you have to do it yourself! So be it landowner gang or flat tummy gang, write down the answers to the questions; take your time.

5. Give Your Answers A Timeline

After answering the who, what and where, it’s time to put a date to them. For example, You have 3 people that you want to become throughout your life, four places you must be at both in physical and in mindset and what you want to be known for. Just pick the month, age or year that you want to reach those answers and categorize them chronologically. Do we see structure coming into your life?

6. Give Your Organized Answers A Resource Pool

What must you have or do to get there? Is it a certification? Is it money? Is it age? Is it an alien ware computer? Better friends? Overcoming shyness? Put these down chronologically as well, given what you can work with presently and work it up to things you can get along the line.

7. What Can Ruin Your Plans?

Laziness? Will power? Procrastination? Government? Funds? Your spending habits? Electricity? We ask you to know these rocks to your balloon of greatness so you can clip or fix them. Know if you need to find a second income, invest some money or get a mentor. Fight it.

8. Break It Down

Starting today, what can you begin towards your goals? Every week, what must you do towards your bigger picture? By the end of the first quarter, what should you have finished? Remember that it’s the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean

Congratulations friend! you have just written your life goals in a definitive and realistic way. Let the real work begin.

Good luck!

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