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Money Brain Courses & Workshop

Layup: A Financial Fitness Overview

What does it take to master your personal finances and become a person that comfortably understands.

Money Me: Crafting A Budget That Works

What does it take to master your personal finances and become a person that comfortably understands.

Basecamp: Startups & Cash Management

MoneyxDesign: Order Your Finances Brick by Brick

Understanding money can be a scary process. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be intimidated.

Flight Path: Career Planning for Beginners

Learn how to make critical decisions that will launch your career on a path that will lead you beyond the galaxy of your greatest salary

Linchpin: Become Indispensable At Any Company

Why are some employees deemed so valuable that they are never asked to leave a company even in difficult times.

How to Excel in Sales

The How to Excel in Sales course is a  guide that provides the right building blocks necessary to make organizational decisions. We will  teach you how  to build long-term relationships and excel at achieving your organizational goals. Applying this knowledge in your professional interactions will help you move up the career ladder.

Transaction Informatics Masterclass

Learn how to turn data into cohesive and actionable knowledge. The Transaction Informatics Masterclass teaches you the repeatable, measurable and sustainable process – proprietary to REACH HQ – for analyzing transaction data and consumer choices to deliver a Market Playbook.

How to Start A Business

Learn from our network of entrepreneurs who will provide you with the resources and valuable insight that you need to start up your own business or scale up your existing business.

Mentor: How to Seek & Inspire Growth

Learn how to find and become a mentor. Develop your unique leadership and growth framework .



The Podcast

Tune in weekly as we tackle career, money and the unique challenges of navigating these in your 20s and 30s. Black tax, lending to friends, saving with friends, money vs. gender norms, dating, marriage and babies - let's get real about it all.

Listen in as JR coaches callers on how to navigate tough decision moments in their career and money journeys. If you have been searching for a simple guide to help you navigate career and money, you have come to the right place

The Money Brain Game

Play this game to learn more about how you think through career/money decisions.

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