The Community Newsletter

Given the key role that mindset plays in enabling people to set and achieve goals, we create meaningful, high-impact, one-on-one engagements with our community via our newsletters.

Have You Ever Wondered About Our Community Newsletters?

The community newsletter is called Money Brain with JR and gets sent out to our user community bi-weekly.

Moneybrain With JR

Building on the book, Money Brain the newsletter is a warm dose of light-hearted encouragement written to mimic JR’s tone and style. Our newsletter encourages over 120,000 young African people across the continent. The Money Brain newsletter goes out every other Tuesday at 12:00 PM WAT.


Money Brain with JR is the career and money management newsletter that connects you to wisdom, opportunities and a very resourceful community of talented professionals that is made with love at REACH HQ. Sign up to receive the community newsletter here.