Money Brain: Career & Money Management in Your 20s & 30s

Money Brain: Career & Money Management in Your 20s and 30s is a book about nurturing a mindset that teaches your brain to master and navigate issues of career and money. These are issues that every young person must face in those critical years of early adulthood.

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Money Brain is a book about nurturing a mindset that teaches your brain to master and navigate issues of career and money.


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What's in the Book

Choosing a Course of Study and Career

- Understand Yourself
- Understand The Times
- Seek Advice
- List Out Your Options
- Decide and Move On
- In the End, It's All About Growth

The Beauty of Internships

- Start Immediately
- Optimize: Impact first, brand second
- Be an amazing intern

How To Choose Between Job Offers

- What Will You Learn?
- What Can You Contribute?
- What Company Is It?
- With Whom Will You Be Working?
- What Mentors & Networks Does This Job Unlock?
- What Next Opportunities Will This Job Unlock?
- What Is the Salary?
- A Note on Career Planning

The Importance of Mentors

- Identifying Your Mentors
- The 5 Levels of Mentoring
- Intentional Mentoring

Setting Up Your Money

- Take A Financial Health Assessment
- Calculate Your Liquid Net Worth
- Understand Your Sustenance Score
- Create a Financial Plan
- Track and Review Your Expenses
- Saving vs. Wealth Management

Money vs. Faith vs. Family & Friends

- Put On Your Life Vest
- Don't Let Others Count Your Money
- The Wisdom of Generosity
- Faith

Love, Dating & Money

- What's Love Got to Do with It?
- The Tripartite Distillation
- Dating & Money
- Engagement & Wedding

Marriage & Money

- Your Money Vision
- Opening the Kimono
- Your Family Financial Plan
- Set a Budget and Track Your Progress

The Dream of Entrepreneurship

- Research Is Your Friend
- Planning to Start a Company
- A Note on Shareholding and Incorporation
- Don't Do It Alone

Planning To Have Kids

- When Is the Right Time?
- How Many?
- Planning the Birth
- Not Too Soon for a Will

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About the Author

JR Kanu holds an MBA from Stanford University, a master’s in Journalism from NYU and a bachelor’s in Engineering from Calvin College. His career has included time at Konga, Amazon, The United Nations, Esquire, CNN, and Black Enterprise magazine.

Armed with a strong conviction that you can live a great life no matter how much money you have, JR founded REACH Technologies. We build software to help young people and companies to manage and grow their money.

JR writes in English and French and has been published in the US, Nigeria, Mali, and South Africa. He lives in Lagos (mostly) and New York (sometimes).