The Business Insights Newsletter

Data is everywhere but turning this data into cohesive, actionable knowledge is easier said than done. The Business Insights Newsletter is your source for quick, actionable, data-driven consumer insights.

Have You Ever Wondered About Our Business Insights Newsletters?

The business insights newsletter is called Transaction Informatics Weekly and gets sent out weekly to our business community.

Transaction Informatics Weekly

Transaction Informatics is the methodical analysis of transaction data and choices to deliver a market playbook that is customized to individuals, measurably in results, and teachable in strategy. Hitting client’s inboxes a few times a month, the newsletter picks one interesting data point from REACH research to share with the business and marketing community.

Transaction Informatics is a repeatable, measurable and sustainable process – proprietary to REACH HQ – for analysing transaction data and consumer choices to deliver clients Market Playbook.