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We have developed a suite of classes and workshops.
As a member of this REACH Community, we want to see you level up in all areas of your personal finances i.e., money and career management.

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These courses have been designed from the chapters of the Money Brain book.


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Money Brain Courses & Workshops

Layup: A Financial Fitness Overview

What does it take to master your personal finances and become a person that comfortably understands.

Money Me: Crafting A Budget That Works

Have a vision, plan for it, set a budget, go for it. Create an ideal budget that helps you live your best life and reach your goals.

Basecamp: Startups & Cash Management

MoneyxDesign: Order Your Finances Brick by Brick

Understanding money can be a scary process. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be intimidated.

Flight Path: Career Planning for Beginners

Learn how to make critical decisions that will launch your career on a path that will lead you beyond the galaxy of your greatest salary.

Linchpin: Become Indispensable At Any Company

Why are some employees deemed so valuable that they are never asked to leave a company even in difficult times.

How To Conduct a Personal Goals Retrospective

Prepare to learn how to accurately define your personal and professional character goals that will launch your career on a path to fulfilment beyond salary expectations.

Mentor: How to Seek & Inspire Growth

Learn how to find and become a mentor. Develop your unique leadership and growth framework .

How To Start a Business

Learn from our network of entrepreneurs who will provide you with the resources and valuable insight that you need to start up your own business or scale up your existing business.

Personalized Coaching

Get ready for a transformation in the way you think and talk about your career and personal finances with coaching tailored just for you.

Course Pricing

To pay for our courses, you can either use cash or tokens rewarded from the REACH app.



Per Person Per Workshop

20 tokens



Per Person Per Workshop

25 tokens



Per Person Per Workshop

50 tokens

Corporate Tokens

Freedom to Choose
Your tokens never expire and can be rolled over and used in any of our current and future courses and workshops.

Why choose our Courses?

Our courses are suitable for everyone who wants to level up in their career and money management – whether you’re a professional looking to increase your effectiveness, or an individual looking to handle your finances better.

Our courses are practical and informative – each course gives you the essential, clear information you need plus practical tools you can use straight away.

Our facilitators are experienced in their field of expertise, friendly and committed to keeping the sessions interactive.