Urban Africa: Love & Money

How are people navigating the co-mingling of their moneys as they pursue life together? How does this play out in dating expectations? How or how aren’t gender roles evolving in modern relationships? Are people eagerly getting married or growing cautious of the institution – and if so, why?

Survey Questions

  1. What’s your current relationship status?
  2. How would you describe the dating pool in your city?
  3. Which of these best describes what you believe about love?
  4. Which of these best describes what you believe about marriage?
  5. How much does transparency in ‘financial matters and discussing finances’ determine your choice in a partner?
  6. At what stage in your relationship do you begin to discuss and/or plan expenses with your partner?
  7. How much of a role does money, income and financial security play in your decision to progress in a relationship?
  8. Whose responsibility do you believe it is to bring up the money conversation in a relationship?
  9. What events trigger the money or finance conversation in your relationship?
  10. How easily accessible is your money to your partner?
  11. Who typically pays the bills and expenses in your relationship?
  12. What bills and expenses do you typically share with your partner?
  13. What do you believe is the ideal way for bills and expenses to be managed between partners?
  14. How would/how do you and your partner approach savings and investments?
  15. What would you say is the most difficult part of handling expenses with your partner?
  16. What tools would be useful to you and your partner to help you better manage your bills and expenses?