Social Media & The Music We Love

How is social media changing how we discover and enjoy music? Who does today’s artist need to be in light of the impact of social media? Why do people follow certain artists on social media and not others?

Survey Questions

  1. Which of these music styles do you typically listen to?
  2. When last do you recall discovering a new song or artist that you liked?
  3. How did you discover this or other new songs or artists that you liked recently?
  4. I see music as my way to
  5. I search for and follow my favorite artists on their social media pages
  6. Right now, I am willing to pay the equivalent of $20 to attend the concert or show of an artist that I like
  7. I consider myself a superfan of one or more African artists
  8. I consider myself a superfan of one or more International artists
  9. Of which African and International artists do you consider yourself a superfan?