Urban Africa: The Price of Entrepreneurship

What are the realities of being an entrepreneur today? What are the fears, hopes and challenges being tackled by today’s entrepreneur? What industries are most attractive to entrepreneurs? How are they financing their ventures? What are the prevailing beliefs about the economy and their prospects for success? 

Survey Questions

  1. For how long have you been running your business?
  2. Is/was your business a legally registered entity?
  3. Does/did your business entity above have its own dedicated bank account?
  4. How many businesses have you attempted or successfully started?
  5. Which of these is true for you?
  6. Which of these describes the current state of your business?
  7. In terms of total money that has entered your business in the last 12 months, which of these describes you?
  8. Why did you start your business?
  9. Besides money or funding, what are the major challenges in growing the business?
  10. If money is a major challenge, how much money would you need to get your business where you want it to be?
  11. How do you know that people want the product or service your business is offering?
  12. What would you do differently if you had a chance to start your business all over again?