3 Businesses You Can Start Today With 50,000 Naira

With skills you already have…

Everybody sells. Whether you are introducing yourself to potential bae or pitching a product on the streets, we are all selling at different points of our daily lives, sometimes without even knowing it.

And, with a great attitude and good customer service, you will go a longer way than producing the best product that no one has ever heard of. Why not put some of these soft skills into these 3 businesses that you can start with just 50k in Nigeria? Here goes:

1. Sell Second Hand Clothes and Shoes

Visit the Balogun market in Lagos tomorrow and select quality “okrika” with trendy brand names like Zara and atmosphere, open a new Instagram account for free and start selling, all under that same capital.

2. Beddings

You can go to Yaba in Lagos, buy bed-sheet fabric with beautiful designs, give tailors right there to sew it up, get on Facebook or Instagram for free and start selling.

3. Soups

A lot of us are secret chefs who can cook for Africa. You will need materials like sizeable pots, food warmers and general utensils for cooking, even if it just soups and stews that you make for starters. You can start by cooking your regular meals and posting mouth-watering photos of them online. When customers hit you up, you can charge upfront to buy necessary ingredients.

Hey! Did you know that you can advertise your business in your community? Just send a message to your other community members for free. Click here to go to your community right away.

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